- For Sale -
Spalding Basketball signed by Barack Obama
To Makiah-
"Dream big Dreams"
(one hundred million dollars)

Makiah O Miller

Makiah was nine years old when he first met Barack Obama and the two of them played Makiah's favorite game, basketball.

Makiah was nine years old when he voted for the first time, His dad gave up his first time vote so Makiah could cast his vote for his fellow team player.

Makiah wasn't able to make it to the Presidents Inauguration but showed up later, August 4, at the White House  to celebrate President Obama's birthday and was hoping on shooting some hoops with the president at the White House.

Four years later...

Why is this basketball signed by  Barack Obama worth $100 million dollars?

President Barack Obama is running for re-election with hopes of raising one billion dollars.

Since snuffing Makiah at the White House three years ago President Obama's ratings have been falling lower and lower.

Two years ago Makiah had open heart surgery and had both heart valves replaced. He knows what it is to come back from the being down and out.

Makiah knows what top priorities it takes to know the real value of money, life, power and The Game.

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Mount Vernon Iowa
President Barack Obama